Mentoring Scheme

Mentoring Scheme

The Army LGBT+ Network Mentoring Scheme matches soldiers and officers who identify as LGB and/or T with other servicemen and women across a range of trades/branches, to get advice on how to be happy and fulfilled as an out lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender employee.

What is the scheme?

Many service personnel face difficulty with their sexual identity. Not only accepting who they are themselves, but being accepted by their colleagues. The Army believes that people who can be themselves produce improved work performance, achieve higher personal development and build confidence. We want all LGBT+ people to enjoy the same benefits – all they need is to have the courage to be themselves.

The scheme allows people (mentees) to be matched with more experienced LGBT+ personnel (mentors), who can assist and advise them on all aspects of being themselves openly, without fear of prejudice or harassment, in order to advance the serviceperson’s overall operational effectiveness.

Who can apply?

The scheme is open to all serving personnel, regular and reserve. It will give you the knowledge and skills needed to prepare, perform and propel as an LGBT employee in the workplace. Our mentors will work with you to:

  • Devise your own personal coming out strategy
  • Advise on general employability issues
  • Develop your network and provide ideas for developing contacts
  • Help boost your personal development and reflection
  • Increase your confidence

How can I get involved as a mentor?

If you are out at work and have mentoring experience, we are eager to recruit mentors to diversify the knowledge and expertise we can offer. A good mentor should be: a good listener, an effective questioner and non-judgmental, willing to share expertise and network contacts.