Army Reserve

Army Reserve

The Army Reserve (formerly Territorial Army) is made up of men and women who give up a portion of their spare time to work with the Army. Under new plans reserve forces will form a significant proportion of the deployable Army. Service leavers are encouraged to retain their links to the Army by joining.

To become an Army reservist you will need to spend 19 days or more training and performing military duties each year. There is a wide range of trades and professions to chose from, and you will have the chance to go on operations. You will be paid for the time you give.


  • Serving your country on operational duties
  • New challenges and improved confidence
  • Getting fitter
  • Meeting new friends
  • Earning a tax-free bounty if you meet the qualifying number of days training

The Army Reserve is also a great opportunity for those leaving the regular Army. It allows Service leavers to maintain their skills and drills, to keep up their links to the Army, and provides ongoing camaraderie. The Army Reserve offers a range of incentives to Service leavers. These are outlined in the documents below, but here is a snapshot:

  • A reduced requirement for annual training: now 15 days per year
  • Fewer annual MATTs
  • Annual tax free bounty
  • Retention of your Regular substantive rank and seniority if you take on an equivalent role.